Loving Kindness Hypnosis Featured In Willamette Week

Loving Kindness Hypnosis

Is Hypnosis Magic or Medicine? Lady Things gets hypnotized to see what happens. By Lizzy Acker Laney Coulter, the woman behind Loving Kindness Hypnosis, wanted to talk over the phone before our first session, to figure out what I wanted to be hypnotized about. Over the phone, I hedged: “Maybe I need to lose weight?” […]

Thoughts are not Facts

Thoughts Are Not Facts

Just because you thought something doesn’t make it true. The next time your mind jumps to a conclusion that sends you in a spiral toward stress or anxiety or even depression, check to see what you were thinking at the time, (where your head was). (If you have been diagnosed as clinically depression and/or anxious, […]

Enjoying Hypnosis in Northwest Portland

Hypnosis Northwest Portland

In March I moved into an office in the Northwest on the corner of 20th and Johnson. My office is on the first floor of an amazing old house. It was built by a Lumber Baron in the early 1900’s and it has the rich wood and high ceilings and amazing moldings and craftsmanship of […]

Week of Power – Advanced Hypnosis Training Course

Week of Power Advanced Hypnosis Training

The Week of Power Advanced Hypnosis Training is a unique and powerful course taught only by Cal Banyan and his certified trainers. Laney Coulter, in Portland Oregon, is one of only a few certified to offer this training.  Most hypnosis courses are designed to get you started in the profession, and tend to be “hypnosis certification” […]