Stop Smoking

smokingBecome a Non Smoker

Stop Smoking for the rest of your life.

That is what you will get when you choose Loving Kindness Hypnosis. Let’s be honest, if you really want to quit smoking then you can go to a group hypnosis session or to anyone, really, because if you are ready to quit, you will respond to any suggestion that you are no longer a smoker.  (Smoking is not cool anymore.  You are no longer hanging out with the cool kids in the outside smoking area.  The cool people are not smokers.  They are people who value themselves and do their best to treat themselves with loving kindness and respect.)

But and it is a really big BUT if you want to be a Non-Smoker for the rest of your life then you want to chose LKH to do the work that a group won’t do and many other hypnotists can’t do.

With LKH you will get in touch with why you are distracting yourself with cigarettes and you will be guided to change the erroneous story you are telling yourself to a more positive and realistic story while also learning a strategy for dealing effectively with your feelings.  Because smoking is a distractor, it keeps you from feeling uncomfortable feelings.

This process will insure that you do not replace smoking with some other distractor, like food, for example.  With LKH you will not replace one bad habit with another, rather you will become a non-smoker for the rest of your life while getting in touch with the feeling(s) you are using cigarettes to distract yourself from.

You will leave these sessions with love and understanding for the little one you use to be and with a strong positive sense of who you are now.  You will want to be the best you, you can be, behaving in a healthy manner, which means taking good care of yourself. When you change your emotions your feelings change and, your thoughts change which leads to new behaviors, which result in a new reality; you as a non-smoker!  Now living the brilliant life you were meant to live.

If you truly want to become a Non-Smoker you can be that. What are you waiting for?  Call me  Laney 503-289-3614

Stop Smoking Sessions are 100% tax deductible. Ask your medical/insurance agent for more details.